Kluscap, Lord of Beast and Human beings

from by Ifernach



when Kluscap came,
from the top of a high hill
covered with flaming maples
the summer had already turned
to autumn
and Kluscap was grateful
for the northern light
that warmed him
he stopped in the clearing
and gazed across the land
the land of every sun rise

Lord of beast and human beings
ascending in his white canoe
champion of the wabanakiyik
conquerer of a wicked sorcerer
that once ruled the northern sea
in a lodge guarded by icebergs
he brought fire on the island black
he made the world a safe place
when he killed the brother
of his own race

wastewigtug alasumteget.
wi'sisji'j alsumugwat

son of three arctic thunder bolts
born from dust and sand
he shaped the world with his own hands
and we, sons of the pale's colt
rule a world we can't comprehend

amalgewaqan wejiei

not just a dream
I spoke with the
not just a dream
I spoke with the

and soon he will rise again
waking the entombed young wolf
leading a terrible army of men
in the last days of this earth

sun has risen from the ocean
men invaded like snowflakes
and when their children
will become our own
their rule shall be broken

lord of beast and human beings


from V. Wastow, released February 1, 2019
Based on the legends of the Mic Mac Indians





Ifernach is a solo project based in northeastern Canada, resurging ancient spirits to avenge the forgotten native souls.

From the land of Gespegewagi with hate

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